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Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your story and your vision.

My mission is to help you access and activate the innate resourceful state, where you can be calm, centred and in flow, no matter what is around you. 

Schedule your first Initial Consultation to move forward and find out what can be done. 

Schedule a zoom call or make an appointment in my Coaching Praxis in Hamburg.


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Because your situation and a combination of active "Parts" and "Mental Traps" is very much unique, your solution needs to be as unique as you. Together we will come up with an inside-out solution, that is specific to you!

If there is something speaking to you and you want to accelerate this for yourself, then I suggest scheduling our Initial Consult (the first 90-minutes session is on me). This is an opportunity to talk about your mental traps and the trouble-making Parts that are holding you back on an emotional level. Let's have a conversation.


Find out if this Core Calmfidence® approach is something you want to take forward, what needs going, and in what order.



The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with yourself.

Nell Puetter


During my experience as an Executive Coach, I have been blessed to walk along the journeys of amazing people around the globe. They came to me to shift that invisible "something" that was standing in their way...


Because even though they perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and had the necessary skills to fix it, there was this uncontrollable "something", beyond understanding and skills blocking their way. 


For the last 20 years I have been learning and synthesizing some of the world's most advanced mind and behavior-changing techniques. Inspired by inner-work approaches based on Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Integrative Hypnosis, and IFS Parts Work, I developed this truly unique Core Calmfidence® method.


The Core Calmfidence® is an inward-driven transformative approach that helps you to get to know yourself in all your inner dimensions and identify the missing link to true fulfillment.


It helps you heal the past, be positive in the present, and take courageous actions to live your highest potential.

By embracing all of who you are, you build more supportive relationships with yourself and others.

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This inside-out transformative process helps people strengthen their emotional stability, access calmness, and regain innate self-trust so that it ultimately becomes a part of their being.

These four elements naturally complement and strengthen one another, helping you create a positive attitude towards yourself. 

1. Capacity — realize that a brilliant, built-in Blueprint is within you already

2. Clarity — get clear about your desired outcome and about the Parts which are keeping you in the mental trap

3. Congruence — connect and unite all your Parts, turning them into allies 

4. Courage — cultivate and nurture taking right actions

The beauty of this concept is that when you transform one element, the other two will positively develop as well! When you have Clarity, you foster your Congruence and Courage. And having Courage to take action increases your Clarity about your direction and if there are any adjustments needed to be made.


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