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Transition with Calmfidence

Slice Through Any Transition in Life

No one is immune to the difficulties and challenging events in life. Even the best-planned and most desired changes can bring life’s toughest challenges.


There are many transitions in life and some of them can be bigger transitions than others.


Consider working with me when you make major shifts in life, for example:

starting or selling a business,


being separated or divorced,

shuttered death of life partner, colleague, family member, etc.,

relocating to a new country or city,

adapting to a new language or culture,

starting a new job or position, getting a promotion,

starting a new relationship,

going to university or living on your own for the first time,

getting injured or having unexpected shock


The unexpected life crises, stress at work, loss of a loved one, economic downturn, a rough break-up, Coronavirus, or job challenges may shatter our emotional stability, self-confidence and self-worth.

Our sense of inner self-trust gets tested under scrutiny when we face a tough time. We all face transitions in life that can lead to heavy emotional responses.
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In today’s fast-paced world, we all experience significant challenges, pressures & unexpected changes.
Therefore the ability to maintain calmness, focus, balance, and wellbeing, despite the challenges is an imperative life skill.

You can master how to stay focused, calm, and slice through with calmfidence in difficult situations. 
You can grow and make the best out of any challenge

TRANSITION WITH CALMFIDENCE® is designed to help people regain their inner strength, create wellbeing in life.
The kind of inner stability that is not dependent on anything or anyone.


Self-Leadership Inside Out approach is for you if you are under stress, being overwhelmed, and trying to navigate through times of uncertainty. Or if you haven't yet fully processed heavy changes.


It will help you regain the self-trust and inner confidence you once had in yourself and takes the chaos out of the transition phase.


This integrative coaching method will help you learn to be positive again and work toward a successful future, becoming, even more, stronger from within.


It will help you create deep, sustainable inner stability and wellbeing in your life. The kind of inner power and resilience that comes from within, and is not dependent on anything or anybody. ​

I will help you listen to yourself and choose your direction, helping you access your inner wisdom.


If for whatever reason you feel lost, unsettled, not sure what to do next, and need some guidance, let's have a conversation.


Through this profound yet gentle transformative process, you will be more centred and gain many practical benefits, such as:

regaining inner calmness,

trust, dissolving stress,

improving sleep,

transforming hot-buttons,

resetting the nervous system,

enhancing creativity,

improving decision-making,

and problem-solving.


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Nurturing inner state of emotional stability I Dealing with uncertainty I Finding inner balance I Strengthening own resources I Increasing focus and concentration I Making the best use of innere Resources I Maintaining and improving performance in turbulent times
People who want to increase their stability, promote mental strength, maintain inner peace and perform with excellence.


The bookshelves and online courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps of that”...

Of course, all such skills, practice, and knowledge are important and can support us.

They are, however, not enough on their own...

Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals, who already perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and already have all the necessary skills, and did their thinking about what's wrong and what’s the cause of their struggle.

And yet, the problem still exists…

Because our habits, thoughts, and feelings are stored at a deeper unconscious level. It's almost as if an automatic Part of you makes you do, think, or feel that again, seconds before you realize it! 

Therefore it is vital to get to know these Parts of yourself and transform them into your allies.

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As a Wellpreneuer, I work with many great people to help them create more Calmfidence in their life!

From writers, and bankers — all the way to supermodels, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I help people shift unhealthy habits and stress.

For this reason, I created inward-driven Core Calmfidence® method to help people finally be liberated from their mental traps.

I draw upon my extensive training in NLP, Core Transformation, Positive Psychology, Integrative Hypnosis, Internal Family System, Gestalt Therapy, and my own innovative model Core Calmfidence® development.  

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