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Having food occasionally as a reward isn't a problem. But if binge eating becomes an emotional coping mechanism, then you have to get to the root of the issue.

Rewire Sugar Addiction & Make Healthy Food Choices Automatically!

Please remember!

When you eat because you're stressed, sad, upset, angry, lonely, exhausted, or bored, you're stuck in a negative spiral because the real cause is never properly addressed.

Numbing the root cause of the problem with food (or something else) helps in the short-term, but leads to a dead end in the long-term.


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The truth is:

Your food craving has many hidden emotional drives and involves complex psychological aspects.

Therefore you cant' solve an emotional issue with rational planning, discipline, or self-restriction.

An emotional dis-balance is the root cause of your food cravings. And this has to be dealt with at a deeper level.

Everything else is waste of time and money.

A Part of you!

On one hand, you want to lose weight, but a Part of you makes you eat that sugar...

It's almost as if an automatic Part of you, makes you do it again!

And you fight against that Part of yourself...

Why diets and self-restrictions don't work?

Because they focus on 5% of our intellectual mind only!

Year after year, people make the same plans to change and have the same struggle, focusing on the wrong things...
If you have ever tried dieting and forcing yourself to follow a particular regime you will know that it doesn’t work—not long term.

Diets, discipline, and self-restrictions are all about suppressing other Parts of yourself at the deeper unconscious level.

This leads to inner conflict and makes you associate a dieting regime with pain and discomfort. And nobody wants that!

It can be a vicious cycle, eroding your self-esteem and confidence.
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There is an easier way!

Imagine, you see food that used to hijack your ability to be in control and you feel as neutral as if you were looking at a rock.

There's no pull. No trigger. Just peace. From within.
Just an easy congruent healthy lifestyle and a happy body you are proud of!

No more diets or forcing willpower on yourself.
No more pain of self-restriction, no more disappointments with self-discipline, no more struggles, and inner conflicts!

Say adieu to diets and self-restrictions! You can reset your cravings for carbs or whatever food seems to call your name!
Inside Out. Once and for all.


Once you rewire your system at that automatic deep level and involve all your Parts to move in one direction, this new healthy lifestyle becomes part of your being, forever!

In these group-guided sessions, you will tap into the other 95% of our internal resources and make the change at the deep level.

This means when you rewire your eating habits at the deepest level, there is no need of using willpower to try to force yourself to be the way you want to be.

Instead, it can just happen naturally and automatically.​


What's so special?

You probably already know what foods are good for you and which to avoid. And you know all about the theory of nutrition, vitamins and which exercise you shall be doing, when, and how...

And you already know that having this intellectual understanding is good, but it is not enough to make the change!
Why? Because our habits, thoughts, and feelings are stored at a deeper unconscious level.

It's almost as if an automatic Part of you makes you eat that sugar again, seconds before you realize it! 

Therefore we in our group session we will be getting connected to that Part of you, transforming it into your ally.

Nell Puetter Sugar, No Thanks! Weight Loss with Core Calmfidence®

Hi, I'm Nell

As a Wellpreneuer, I work with great people across all walks of life to help them regain their wellbeing.

I’ve helped people liberate from unhealthy habits, turning their self-sabotaging Parts into supportive allies. From single moms, writers, and bankers — all the way to supermodels, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

I have seen many people unable to overcome binge eating unhealthy foods with traditional methods. Especially when they are frustrated, sad, stressed, angry, or going through a challenging transition. 

For this reason, I decided to create these affordable inward-driven group coaching sessions to help everyone turn their "Craving Parts" into allies and finally be liberated from unhealthy eating habits.

Inside Out. Once and for all!

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