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Rewire your stress hot buttons once and for all!

Do you already know what needs to be done, but for some reason seem to be unable to follow through?

Do you recognize reactive and limiting patterns in you that block all kinds of change efforts?
Do you feel that you have more potential and talents that are waiting to be fully awakened and expressed?

Stress Free Program


What is Self-Leadership?

Self-Leadership is the inner state of congruence within and practice of leading your inner world with clarity, calmness, confidence, courage and curiosity, even in times of uncertainty and pressure.

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The truth is:

“People in Self-leadership describe feeling centered, calm, and light, with a pervasive sense of wellbeing. They demonstrate confidence and openheartedness. They have a greater sense of choice. Many also gain access to an exhilarating sense of connection to others…”  

Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, founder of IFS psychotherapy

Self-Leadership Inside Out

This integrative Parts Work approach is designed to help you build an alliance with those "Trouble-making Parts" which are currently hindering your achievements.

It is based on the understanding that each of us has different Parts of our personality, and these Parts have different roles within us.

For example, we might say: “One part of me hates that idea, but another part of me is a bit curious…”

When Parts of us are in conflict with each other, it can feel like we’re stuck or out of control. Sometimes, one Part might hijack or sabotage us, making us do or say things that cause trouble in our lives. 

Core Self & Self-Leadership

When we align all our Parts, seeing them and hearing their positive intention – these Parts become less controlling and less extreme. We start to gain more access to a sense of our "Core Self" which lies beyond our Parts and is the essence of who we really are.

The "Core Self" already contains all the qualities and resources we need, even in those who are deeply troubled or traumatized.
When the "Core Self" is present, we experience states such as: Calmness, Clarity, Compassion, Confidence, Connectedness, Courage, Creativity, and Curiosity.

As the result, we will navigate more effectively and gracefully through life. We can tackle any challenges that arise and build the resilience to heal ourselves at a deeper level.

Rewire Inside Out!

Once you rewire your system at that automatic deep level and involve all your Parts to move in one direction, this calmfident state becomes part of your being!

In these group-guided sessions, you will tap into the other 95% of our internal resources and make the change at the deep level.

This means when you rewire your eating habits at the deepest level, there is no need of using willpower to try to force yourself to be the way you want to be.

Instead, it can just happen naturally and automatically.​

What's so special?

The bookshelves and online courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps of that”...

Of course, all such skills, practice, and knowledge are important and can support us.

They are, however, not enough on their own...

Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals, who already perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and already have all the necessary skills, and did their thinking about what's wrong and what’s the cause of their struggle.

And yet, the problem still exists…
Why? Because our habits, thoughts, and feelings are stored at a deeper unconscious level.

It's almost as if an automatic Part of you makes you do, think, or feel that again, seconds before you realize it! 

Therefore we in our group session we will be getting connected to that Part of you, transforming it into your ally.
Nell Puetter Sugar, No Thanks! Weight Loss with Core Calmfidence®

Hi, I'm Nell

As a Wellpreneuer, I work with many great people across all walks of life to help them regain their wellbeing.

I’ve helped people liberate themselves from unhealthy habits, turning their self-sabotaging Parts into supportive allies. From single moms, writers, and bankers — all the way to supermodels, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

For this reason, I created this inward-driven group coaching program to help people turn their "Problem Parts" into allies and finally be liberated from mental traps.

I draw upon my extensive training in NLP Core Transformation, the Internal Family System, Gestalt Therapy, and my own innovative model Core Calmfidence® development.  

Rewire Inside Out. Once and for all!
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