Rewire Your Addiction To SugarRewire Your Addiction To Sugar
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Rewire Sugar Addiction (April)

Weekly Live. Inner Transformation. Group Sessions

  • Started 21 Apr
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When you eat because you're stressed, sad, upset, angry, lonely, exhausted, or bored, you're stuck in a negative spiral because the real cause is never properly addressed. Numbing the root cause of the problem with food (or something else) helps in the short-term, but leads to a dead end in the long-term. AT THE ROOT When food becomes an emotional coping mechanism, then you have to get to the root of the issue. If you don't just eat because of physical hunger, but because you are stressed, upset, angry, lonely, exhausted or bored, the real cause has not yet been resolved. ​ So it's not your fault and I'm not judging you. There is an easier and more profound way to heal on the inside! Once and for all! THERE IS AN EASIER WAY! Imagine, you see food that used to hijack your ability to be in control and you feel as neutral as if you were looking at a rock. There's no pull. No trigger. Just peace. From within. – without diets – without self-restrictions – without forcing yourself to change Just an easy congruent healthy lifestyle and a happy body you are proud of! Imagine a life where you never had to diet and restrict yourself again, because when you install healthy programs running at the automatic level, then you naturally make healthy food choices. WHAT YOU CAN RESET – Release cravings for specific foods like sugar, carbs, chips, or greasy foods – Stop emotional eating (because you'll experience deep healing on these sessions) – Make automatically healthy food choices When you heal those emotions that you currently repress with the food you can easily make new healthy food choices. Because once you reset your system at that automatic deep level, this new healthy lifestyle becomes part of your being, forever! No more forcing willpower on yourself, no more pain of self-restriction, no more disappointments with self-discipline, no more struggles and inner conflicts! HOW IT WORKS: Weekly Live, Inward-driven 90-Min Group Sessions on Zoom, Tuesdays. Safe and confidential small groups. YOU CAN: – Join every week or drop in when you need extra support – Watch the replays (just as powerful as live) – Share or turn off your camera (your choice) Reserve your spot and start rewiring. Inside Out!

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