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Learn how to tap into innate resilience and slice through any difficult situations in life. During CORE CALMFIDENCE® CIRCLE workshop you learn how to activate this kind of deep inner knowing, which is not dependent on anyone or anything! WHAT IS CORE CALMFIDENCE®? Core Calmfidence is a play of words and stands for CORE (inner) CALMNESS + CONFIDENCE This internal powerful state is crucial if you want move forward and achieve what you want in life! Therefore it is a perfect opportunity to start taking control of your life, health, career, get more done, release those emotional blocks, align with difficult Parts and be in natural flow and follow your purpose to make you feel great. HOW IT WORKS? In weekly live zoom group-sessions every Thursday at 5pm (CET) we will be exploring the Parts, which are currently holding you back from true fulfilment. The intention of this coaching group is to support you in integrating your new learnings about Core Calmfidence, into your ongoing practice with yourself. You will gently start getting to know those "trouble-making" Parts. Nell Puetter will guide you through recognised and profound Core Transformation process and share her knowledge about how to permanently and naturally turn these "unwanted" Parts into friends! Additionally you will learn how you can find and activate your inner resourceful states, which are not dependent on anything or anyone. Nell Puetter will teach you how to apply this profound Parts Integration Process on your own, anywhere, any time. You will start cultivating better relationship with your Parts, unleashing the true potential of your Core Self, and as a result your natural innate resilience can unfold And this will ultimately change everything! Because then this powerful state of emotional stability will become part of your being! JOIN CORE CALMFIDENCE® CIRCLE now! Keep cultivating your Core Calmfidence in a group of like minded people and start nurturing your innate power. Because you will ultimately succeed or fail based on your ability to effectively navigate your own inner world. And most importantly having built healthy relationship with yourself. For more questions please send an email to nell@nellpuetter.com

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