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In challenging times, you as a Leader need the power and stability coming from within you, no matter where you are, what you have, or what you can still achieve.

Changing circumstances also bring with them greater burdens. This often leads to stress, which limits performance. And as a leader you ask yourself:

How can I act in challenging situations with inner calm, wisdom and a clear mind?
How can I control my hot buttons and stress triggers?

How well do I manage and maintain a positive perspective despite negative events?

How do I react to insecurities in my team or environment?

How do I act empathically, clearly and purposefully?



Self-Leadership is the state of congruence within and a practice of leading your inner world with clarity, calmness, confidence, courage and curiosity, even in times of uncertainty and pressure.

Collaborating at Work

Successful Self-Leadership is particularly evident in turbulent times.

Because mental strength and resilience always start with ourselves. Having a resilient and focused inner state proves to be a key skill in today's world more than ever. 

SELF-LEADERSHIP INSIDE OUT is a program designed to help talented people cultivate and foster their inner power, which is not dependent on anyone or anything.


Responding calmly, purposefully and confidently, even in challenging situations. Those who lead others should also be able to lead themselves in order to better cope with the demands and pressures of everyday leadership. 


You may also want to know how to defuse your "hot buttons" and hasty reactions. You will learn what possibilities there are to get to know yourself and to get a grip on unwanted behaviour.

The CORE CALMFIDENCE® inward-driven approach is about how to effectively and automatically be able to act and react more purposefully and calmly, even in challenging situations or times of uncertainty. The focus is on working with the inner Parts.


Through this profound yet gentle transformative process, you will be more centred and gain many practical benefits, such as:

regaining inner calmness,

trust, dissolving stress,

improving sleep,

transforming hot-buttons,

resetting the nervous system,

enhancing creativity,

improving decision-making,

and problem-solving.

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The "Core Self" already contains all the qualities and resources we need, even in those who are deeply troubled or traumatized.
When the "Core Self" is present, we experience states such as: Calmness, Clarity, Compassion, Confidence, Connectedness, Courage, Creativity, and Curiosity.


When we align our inner Parts, seeing them and hearing their positive intention – these Parts become less controlling and less extreme. We start to gain more access to a sense of our "Core Self" which is the essence of who we really are.

As the result, we will navigate more effectively and gracefully through life. We can tackle any challenges that arise and build the resilience at a deeper level. This means there will be no need of using willpower to try to force yourself to be the way you want to be.


Instead, it can just happen naturally and automatically!



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People who want to increase their stability, resilience, promote mental strength, maintain inner peace and perform with excellence.


The bookshelves and online courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps of that”...

Of course, all such skills, practice, and knowledge are important and can support us.

They are, however, not enough on their own...

Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals, who already perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and already have all the necessary skills, and did their thinking about what's wrong and what’s the cause of their struggle.

And yet, the problem still exists…
Why? Because our habits, thoughts, and feelings are stored at a deeper unconscious level.

It's almost as if an automatic Part of you makes you do, think, or feel that again, seconds before you realize it! 

Therefore it is vital to get to know these Parts of yourself and transform them into your allies.

Nell Puetter Sugar, No Thanks! Weight Loss with Core Calmfidence®


As a Wellpreneuer, I work with many great people to help them create more Calmfidence in their life!

From writers, and bankers — all the way to supermodels, leaders, and entrepreneurs, I help people achieve their goals, shift unhealthy habits, feelings, thoughts and stress.

For this reason, I created inward-driven Core Calmfidence® method to help people finally be liberated from their mental traps.

I draw upon my extensive training in NLP, Core Transformation, Positive Psychology, Integrative Hypnosis, Internal Family System, Gestalt Therapy, and my own innovative model Core Calmfidence® development.