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In today’s fast-paced world, we all experience significant challenges, pressures at work and at home.

Therefore the ability to maintain stability, balance, calmness, and focus, amidst the challenges during a difficult phase is so crucial.

Healthy, motivated and productive leaders and employees are the decisive success factors for companies.

In order to successfully master the "new normal", leaders need to slow down, make optimal use of their own mental capacities and interact wisely with their environment.

We help talented people and leaders, helping them maintain inner balance even in turbulent times, cultivate mental strength and act purposefully towards themselves and all stakeholders.



Calm, confident, and resilient leaders become a force multiplier within organizations, families, society, as such they tremendously contribute to the growth, wellbeing, and performance of people around them. 


A self-led person can more effectively manage stress and difficult life events, deal with emotions, and have better supporting relationship with themselves and others.

Several studies have investigated self-leadership in connection with workplace behaviour, psychological and physical health.


In challenging times, you as a leader need the power and stability coming from within you, no matter where you are, what you have, or what you can still achieve.

This is exactly how I can support you as your Self-Leadership Trainer and Coach.

Together we can start shifting suppressed anxiety and stress, rewire overthinking, calm mind-chatter, so that you thrive from the place of balance, wellbeing, and stability.

Let's explore, how you and your team can tap into the biggest inner assets in times of doubts, uncertainty, and complexity.

Nell Puetter Creator of Core Calmfidence® Inner Work Transformation and Transition Coach_e


"Stress, turbulence, uncertainty and complexity in the outside world - calmfidence on the inside."



Stress is the primary cause of burnout. It depletes our immune system in a long term, if we stay in fight or flight stress mode or lose our ability to relax and regenerate.


 The consequences of chronic stress are the primary reason for heart attack, diabetes, skin diseases, and many other mental issues. 


If the tension at work persists over a longer period of time, negative effects are inevitable. Relaxation and stress management have top priority.

The Self-Leadership Coaching can help you rewire your stress and deal with it in a healthy and constructive way.


As a Self-Leadership Coach, I help my clients rewire unwanted hot buttons at a deeper level and accompany them on their way to a more balanced, efficient, and fulfilled life.


Writing on Glass


The lower the psychological stress, the higher the willingness of your employees to actively contribute to your company.

Casual Meeting


Mentally stable people have more energy and the necessary drive to creatively and purposefully master the tasks set for them.

and purposefully.

Working Together


Healthy working conditions conducive to learning make you an attractive employer.


- both internally and externally.


Healthy leadership.

Healthy employees.

Healthy company.

Cheerful Business Meeting

I want to learn more about Self-Leadership for myself and/or for my employees.

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About your Trainer



Nell Puetter is certified in NLP Core Transformation and an international Self-Leadership Trainer. She is the author of the book Blueprint of Core Calmfidence.


She has been teaching Inside Out Transformation to people all over the world since 2014 and is the leading trainer for Core Transformation in Germany.


Although Nell uses many inner transformation methods (IFS, Parts Work, Positive Psychology, Integrative Hypnosis), the Core Calmfidence® Circle is her preferred method. Thanks to its profound effectiveness and easy applicability to a wide range of situations, whether at home or at work.


Nell has a private Coaching Praxis for Self-Leadership in Hamburg where she helps people to achieve goals and overcome limitations, both in one-on-one meetings and via Zoom, in English, German and Russian languages.

As part of the Corporate Health Initiative, Nell delivers tailor-made lectures and workshops on self-leadership for young-professionals, business and management groups.

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Nell Puetter

"I am devoted to help people on their journey of inner transformation. Because a person's success or failure ultimately depends on their ability to navigate their own inner world. And most importantly, build a healthy relationship with themselves."

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