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Calmfidence® Academy


Learn how to access, activate and cultivate your state of CALMFIDENCE, the inner CALMNESS, supercharged with true CONFIDENCE; a sense of inner stability and wellbeing, which is not dependent on anyone or anything!

Self-Leadership Inside Out

This is an 8-session programme in which we explore the knowledge and tools that resolve inner conflicts and through that cultivate inner emotional stability. All the zones are based on key themes from positive psychology, covering the major routes to transformational change form within. 

Addicted to Stress?

Overworked? Overwhelmed?


How do I stay healthy and succeed in an increasingly stressful world?


A course in the essentials of resilience drawing on the science of positive psychology with a range of evidence-based tools that you can put into practice straightaway.

Cultivate Your Calmfidence

This program offers a fresh approach and an alternative to how we deal with low self-esteem, self-sabotage, procrastination, etc. Rather than the traditional therapy approach of exploring what’s wrong, positive psychology puts the focus on growing wellbeing with practices such as learning optimism and cultivating positive emotions. 

Emotional Intelligence

This is a flexible course aimed at those working in leadership roles, who want to explore inner transformation, positive psychology and its practices for wellbeing, whether that’s to support personal resilience or to use with clients, stakeholders and key people in life.  It offers an evidence-based approach to mental health and emotional stability. It is especially helpful to people with persistent low mood and long-term health conditions who would prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach to increasing psychological wellbeing.

Inner Stability & Resilience

Learn a range of practical resilience-building strategies that guides you gently on the journey from adversity to growth, showing that it’s possible to emerge from the shadow of trauma with wisdom and wellbeing, a deeper sense of meaning and fulfilment in life. People who have come through major stressful events often talk about feeling more alive and having a deeper understanding of themselves. They know who they really are and what they want in life. They have grown through the experience – older, wiser and stronger.

What Is Your Purpose

Find your higher purpose from the place of wholeness! Going through critical phases in life can trigger spiritual growth as people emerge from their ‘long, dark night of the soul’ and connect with higher powers from within. This spirituality can also take a secular form – a faith in the power of love or a deeper connection to nature and wholeness. 

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