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Hello, I'm Nell

as a postgraduate in Positive Psychology and Mental Health, I am also certified as NLP Core Transformation® Trainer and Self-Leadership Coach. My mission is to help great people to regain their inner balance, calmfidence and creative power. From the inside out. Find out more here

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Positive Psychology and Mental Health, The University of Sydney 

MSc. International Marketing, University of South Wales, UK

Co-Founder of Coaching Cosmos GmbH since 2014, Hamburg, Germany

Trainer Int. and Certified Core Transformation® Coach, Andreas NLP Training, Boulder, Colorado, USA

MBSR, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Hamburg

Self-Leadership Coach, based on IFS

Certified Hypno-Systemic Coach and Parts Work Practitioner

Certified as Addictions-Informed Mental Health Professional

Through my executive coaching experience since 2014, I've seen many leaders struggle for years with the same emotional issues.


Even though they perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and had the necessary skills, there was something blocking them to solve it.


And so I decided to go deeper with my coaching approach, helping people to connect with this "trouble-making Part" and heal it from within.

As an experienced certified Gestalt, NLP, Mental and Core Transformation Coach, as well as Parts Work Practitioner, I help great people to explore and transform their own “inner system” and shift deep-rooted issues.


As a result, they gain emotional stability coming from within, find their inner strength, while accessing their potential at the deepest level.


Creator of

​Most people’s inner world is a jumble of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These are represented as "Parts" of our inner world, that sometimes end up being in an inner tug-war.


The CORE CALMFIDENCE® is an inwards-driven, gentle transformative approach, that allows you to find calmness, self-confidence, wellbeing, and self-trust from the inside.

It helps you find a sense of inner peace in the middle of that inner battle. From that space, you can accept, love, and transform those Parts of yourself that might be currently loaded with extreme emotions.

This inside-out, transformative approach will help you heal your conflicting inner world into a place of inner stability and clarity.


As long as you are fighting against Parts of yourself, you will have the problem. 


Therefore, we will examine your issue from the perspective of your "Parts" that are currently holding you back.

We will explore the issue from the perspective of your "Parts", which are currently holding you back. I’ll help you connect to these Parts and understand the positive role they play in your inner system.

You will be guided through an established process of getting to know and transforming these Parts of yourself into your supportive allies.

As a result, you will build new ways of relating to these Parts of yourself, ultimately healing them.
The inside-out sessions are incredibly powerful and can help transform long-standing patterns in a short period of time.

The CORE CALMFIDENCE® is a unique combination of Gestalt, Mental, and NLP Core Transformation Coaching, Integrative Hypnosis, and IFS Parts Work methods.  




Your journey to innate Core Calmfidence is as unique as you! 


Therefore, each session is tailored to your situation and is as unique as the combination of your active parts.


Depending on your situation we will meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for a minimum of 4 sessions or up to 12 months. 


Typically we will focus on the areas of your life where you want to have a change. It could be a goal, relationship, career, weight management, habits or general wellbeing.


Many people find that they can do very profound inner work with me immediately because of the safety field they feel around me.


The inward-driven transformative coaching with me is not about being perfect. It's about activating and permanently anchoring a general sense of inner power, connection, purpose and fulfilment, regardless of where you are, what you have or who you are with.

Image by Carolinie Cavalli



I define CORE CALMFIDENCE® as an inner state of Calmness that is supercharged with Clarity and Confidence that comes from the inside.

It is an inner feeling of Self-Trust which is based on a sense of being whole, congruent and complete, no matter where you are or who you are with. 

CORE CALMFIDENCE is a state of inner stability when all your Parts are aligned and integrated. As a result, you infuse your actions with balance, fun, and courage coming from within. That is the foundation for a happy purpose-driven life, empowering you to create the impact in the world, you were meant for.

If this resonates with you, I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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