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It is a play of words that reflects what we stand for.
CORE is the centre. The inner seed. The most important element.
CALMFIDENCE = (Calmness + Confidence) X Core 
And so we define CORE CALMFIDENCE® as an inner state of Calmness, supercharged with Confidence, which comes from the Center. From within.



"We cannot solve an emotional burden on an intellectual level. If we could, we would have fixed it long ago.



Because you will ultimately succeed or fail based on your ability to effectively navigate your own inner world. And most importantly having built healthy relationship with Yourself.

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From stress, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubts, and negative self-talk to Calmness and Confidence coming from within.

Join award-winning exclusive Self-Leadership Program and start cultivating this kind of inner power and stability for Yourself and your Team.


As a Self-Leadership Trainer, Coach and Author,
I help great people find their inner resourceful states, which are not dependent on anything or anyone.
As a result they are in flow, calm & balanced, leading their life, their teams and their companies from this place of inner Core Calmfidence®.

My mission is to empower people, through inside-out, transformative work, helping them shift stress, unwanted feelings, habits, or thoughts.
As a result, they gently dissolve their emotional issues at the root and have a better relationship with themselves and others at the deepest level.
And so, they activate their inner stability, unfold their creative powers, and access that undamageable calmness and unshakeable confidence. Both on a professional and personal level.
CALMFIDENCE Nell Puetter Creator of Core Calmfidence® Inner Work Transformation and Transi
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